(2) MINIDSP miniSTREAMER v1.1 USB to SPDIF-I2S Interface Board

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(2) MiniDSP miniSTREAMER v1.1 USB to SPDIF-I2S Interface Board


Condition: Used, with minimal signs of wear

Quantity: 2 Boards per purchase

Description: miniSTREAMER is a miniature USB to SPDIF-I2S interface, allowing native support of audio files with format up to 24bit/96kHz. Packaged on a tiny PCB of only 2.3” by 1.4”, this interface is the perfect fit for OEM integration or as an element of a customized high performance A/V product. miniSTREAMER combines native high resolution audio (24bits/96kHz) along with galvanic isolation (SPDIF transformers) to achieve the best audio quality for both playback and recording. Without any driver installation required, this USB/I2S/SPDIF dongle is a true plug & play experience, up & running in a matter of seconds. From its I2S Master/Slave selection to its external power supply option, it’s all there to make sure this tiny interface fits needs of a wide range of applications.

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