(6) Cirrus Logic "CRAIGDUFF" CDB47L85-M-1-Rev1 Board

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(6) Cirrus Logic "CRAIGDUFF" CDB47L85-M-1-Rev1 Board

MN: CDB47L85-M-1-Rev1

Condition: Used, with minimal signs of wear. Comes exactly as pictured.

Quantity: 6 Boards per purchase

Cirrus Logic "CRAIGDUFF" Board featuring the CS47L85. The CS47L85 is a highly integrated, low-power audio and sensor hub system for smartphones, tablets and other portable audio devices. It combines an advanced DSP feature set with a flexible, high-performance audio hub codec. The CS47L85 combines seven programmable DSP cores with a variety of power-efficient fixed-function audio processors.

Extensive GPIO and I2C master interfaces enable powerful sensor fusion functions to be integrated. The DSP cores support multiple concurrent audio features, including multimic wideband noise reduction, highperformance acoustic-echo cancellation (AEC), stereo ambient noise cancellation (ANC), speech enhancement, advanced media enhancement, and many more.

The CS47L85 sensor hub technology enables applications to support increased contextual awareness, including advanced motion sensing and pedestrian navigation functionality. The DSP cores are supported by a fully flexible, all-digital mixing and routing engine with sample rate converters, for wide use-case flexibility. Support for third-party DSP programming provides far-reaching opportunities for product differentiation.

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