(8) ST Microelectronics STEVAL-MKI 178V1 Mezzanine Board

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(8) ST Microelectronics STEVAL-MKI 178V1 Mezzanine Board


Condition: Used, with minimal signs of wear

Quantity: 8 Boards per purchase

Description: The STEVAL-MKI187V1 is a mezzanine board (also referred to as 96Boards Argonkey) designed according to the Linaro specification. The board acts as a sensor hub platform for all 96Boards compliant products. The board can be used as a standalone board or connected to the HiKey (LeMaker) board from 96Boards. The board has two buttons (Reset and user) and several LEDs that are appropriately positioned for IoT hardware applications.

  • The following ST MEMS sensors are mounted:
    • LSM6DSL 6-axis inertial module
    • LIS2MDL Magnetic sensor
    • LPS22HB Pressure sensor
    • HTS221 Humidity and Temperature sensor
    • MP34DT05-AMicrophone
  • VL53L0X gesture detector
  • Based on STM32F412C microcontroller

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