Bosch Sensortec BHI160 / 0330SB6230 Smart Sensor Shuttle Board

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Bosch Sensortec BHI160 / 0330SB6230 Smart Sensor Shuttle Board

MN: BHI160 / 0330SB6230 

Condition: New

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The Bosch Sensortec BHI160 shuttle board is a PCB with the BHI160 Smart Sensor Hub mounted on it. Additionally, it includes up to four external magnetometers, an
AKM09911, AKM09912, BMM150, and a YAS532 which can be connected to the BHI160 using the available jumpers on the PCB.

All magnetic sensors are enabled by default (Jumper J15 can be used to switch off the power supply of individual sensors, in casethis is needed). Additional sensors can be attached to the shuttle board, using the TFR-Card connector interface (J10) provided on the board, next to the jumpers.

The shuttle board allows easy access to the sensor’s pins via a simple socket. As all Bosch Sensortec sensor shuttle boards have identical footprint, they can be plugged into Bosch Sensortec’s advanced development tools (e.g. the Development Board or Application Board).

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