Cirrus Logic CDB42L42 Board for the CS42L42 Audio Codec

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Cirrus Logic CDB42L42 Board for the CS42L42 Audio Codec

MN: CDB42L42

Condition: Used, with minimal signs of wear

Quantity: 1 Board per purchase

Development/demonstration board for the CS42L42 Audio Codec IC.

The CS42L42 is a low-power audio codec with integrated MIPI SoundWire interface or I2C/I2S/TDM interfaces designed for portable applications. It provides a high-dynamic range, stereo DAC for audio playback and a mono high-dynamic-range ADC for audio capture.

The CS42L42 provides high performance (up to 24-bit) audio for ADC and DAC audio playback and capture functions as well as for the S/PDIF transmitter. The CS42L42 architecture includes bypassable SRCs and a bypassable, three-band, 32-bit parametric equalizer that allows processing of digital audio data. A digital mixer is used to mix the ADC or serial ports to the DACs.

There is independent attenuation on each mixer input. The processing along the output paths from the ADC or serial port to the two stereo DACs includes volume adjustment and mute control.

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