MasterFlex I/P Digital Console Drive 1-650rpm Peristaltic Pump w 77600-62 Head

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MasterFlex I/P Stainless Steel Digital Console Drive 77420-00 Peristaltic Pump w 77600-62 Head


  • 77420-00 Drive
  • 77600-62 Head

Condition: Used, tested in good working condition.

Specs(note, specs depend on the head used):

  • Flow range: 0.01 to 26 LPM (0.002 to 6.9 GPM) with two stacked Standard or Easy-Load® pump heads using any tubing formulation. Flow range with one High-Performance pump head: 0.01 to 17 LPM (0.002 to 4.5). Flow rates depend on drive rpm and tubing size.
  • Dispense by: L—volume in liters (or gallons); Copy—1 to 999,999 dispense copies; or SEC—time of each dispense: 1 to 999,999 seconds.
  • Six-character digital display of four different parameters:
  • Flow rate: 0.1 to 26 LPM; Dispense volume: 10 mL to 26,520 mL (in 1 mL increments); Copy: 1 to 999,999 repetitions; Motor rpm: 1 to 650 rpm with 1 rpm resolution
  • Reversible 3/8-hp brushless motor is maintenance free and rated for continuous duty. Run pump in either direction; purge tubing before or after pumping
  • Drives store one calibration

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