Azoteq IQ Switch ProxSense IQS525-TP43L Touch Sensor Evaluation and Development Kit

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Azoteq IQ Switch ProxSense IQS525-TP43L Touch Sensor Development Tools Compact Trackpad w/ Tactile Nav Keys Evaluation Kit

MN: IQS525-TP43L

Condition: New

Quantity: 1 Kit per purchase

1x IQS525 Touch Sensor Board
1x Interface Board
1x FPC Cable

The IQS525-TP43L trackpad module integrates an IQS525 controller designed for optimized performance. The module requires a simple I2C interface to a host microcontroller.

IQS525-TP43L Module Features:
• Supplied as qualified PCB module – optimized layout
• 600 DPI, up to 330Hz report rate
• Overlay – typical 2mm acrylic
• Up to 5 finger touch
• ZIF type connector – interface to FPC cable
• Low Power: 8 µA active standby
• I2C interface
• The module supports 5 snap dome buttons Development Tools • DS100 or CT210 for data streaming required
• 2mm flat acrylic overlay
• FPC cable
• AZP216 interface board Applications:
• Remote control: Navigation keys or trackpad; Wireless keyboard & media centre controllers; Laptop, tablet docking station

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