Texas Instruments TI MSP CapTIvate MCUs CAPTIVATE-PHONE Rev E Capacitive Touch Development Board

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Texas Instruments TI MSP CapTIvate MCUs CAPTIVATE-PHONE Revision E Capacitive Touch Development Board


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This MSP430™ CapTIvate™ demonstration board (CAPTIVATE-PHONE) is a simple evaluation platform for mutual capacitance capacitive touch sensors using a variety of configurations in a real-world application.  The sensor panel demonstrates how to matrix mutual capacitance touch sensors for high density and low pin count, and showcases the recommended layout for mutual capacitance slider and wheel sensors.  The panel also demonstrates how to implement guard channel to prevent false touch detections due to a palm or cleaning cloth.  A haptic driver and actuator are included to provide vibrational feedback to the user when touches are detected.

  • Interfaces to CapTIvate ecosystem MCU boards
  • Implements 29 capactive touch elements using just 12 CapTIvate IOs
  • Contains 17 buttons, two 4-element sliders, one 3-element wheel, and one guard channel
  • Implements a guard channel for palm rejection
  • Provides haptic feedback using the TI DRV2605L haptic driver with integrated effects libraries

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