Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator

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Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator

PN: LE220

Condition: Used in good working condition, unit was recently decommissioned.  PM last completed by Covaris May 11, 2021. 


  • LE220 focused ultrasonics
  • WCS water conditioning system w/ ac adapter
  • HP Laptop w/ Covaris Sonolab software w/ ac adapter
  • Polyscience 7 Liter -40 Circulating Chiller, Model: AD07R-40-S11B 
  • 3x UV kits, 3x water filter kits
  • Insulated tubing, power cords


The Covaris, Inc. LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator System is based on Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology. This instrument is designed to provide researchers an integrated stand-alone tool to be used in a laboratory environment. The instrument is ideal for those who work with tissue homogenization, cell lysis, DNA or chromatin shearing, and other sample preparation steps. The system is comprised of the Treatment System which delivers the acoustic energy to the sample and the Safety System which protects users from inadvertently contacting the high intensity acoustic energy.

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