Fresenius Kabi Lovo Automated Cell Processing System 6R4900

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Fresenius Kabi Lovo Automated Cell Processing System

PN: 6R4900

Condition: Used in excellent condition.  Comes exactly as pictured, PM in 2019 or 2020 depending on the unit 1 unit per purchase.

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Only Lovo delivers automated, functionally closed cell processing through spinning membrane filtration.

Product Features:

The Lovo Cell Processing System is a benchtop cell processor that automates labor-intensive tasks of washing and concentrating white blood cell products. Using spinning membrane technology, Lovo allows for non-pelletizing cell concentration and reduces the need for manual re-suspension.

Additional Features:

Processing volume range: 1 mL to 21 L

Operator-defined processing parameters including levels of supernatant removal and final product volume.

The LOVO system is for laboratory use only. Cells processed on this system are not intended for diagnostic purposes, for direct transfusion, or for use in the production of a therapeutic product(s) or vaccine(s) for clinical use, unless the user has obtained advanced regulatory clearance or approval from the appropriate regulatory agency.

Cell types Fresh, cryo-preserved, and culture-expanded white blood cells, including, but not limited to, leukapheresis CD34+ cells, CAR T-cells, TILs, NK cells, and MSCs

  • Volume range Source Up to 22 L
  • Output* 50 mL – 50 L
  • Wash-out range Up to 99.9999%*
  • System components • 73 lb, 35.3” x 17.6” x 24.5” (W x D x H) benchtop instrument • Single-use processing kit with spinning membrane module


* Actual lowest achievable volume will depend on cell type, cell concentration, and source volume.