Ika Ultra Turrax T50 B S1 Basic w/ Stand & Dispersing Element

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Ika Ultra Turrax T50 Basic w/ Stand & Dispersing Element

PN's Included:

  • T50 B S1 (Homogenizer, Cost New, $1,400.00)
  • S50 N - G45 M (Dispersing Element, Cost New: $4,000.00)
  • R 271 (Boss Clamp Head, Cost New: $220.00)
  •  R 2723 (Telescopic Stand, Cost New: $1,600.00)
  • Total New Cost: $7,220.00

Condition: Used in good working condition.  T50 was serviced by IKA a few years back and has continually operated well.  Dispersing element is in good condition.  The stand is the spring loaded telescoping model, making it easy much easier to use.  Components show signs from previous use, see pictures for exact condition.



IKA Ultra Turrax T50 Basic

  • 120VAC
  • 500-10,000rpm

S 50 N - G 45 M Dispersing tool

Suitable for dispersing instrument T 50 digital
Working range: 0,5 - 15 l
Stator diameter: 45 mm
Immersion depth: 70 - 250 mm
Materials in contact with medium: PTFE, AISI 316L
Suitable for solvents: yes
Max. temperature: 180 °C
Sterilization methods: all methods

R 2723 Telescopic stand

Particularly stable stand with H-shape base which prevents the stand from tipping backwards.
Additionally equipped with a pneumatic spring stand rod, which enables heavy instruments/ attachments to be raised and lowered smoothly without difficulty, e.g. with rheological measurements using overhead stirrers. The stand has an adjustment screw which can be used to compensate for an uneven laboratory table surface.

Diameter of support rod: 34 mm
Dimensions (W x D): 460 x 420 mm
Height: 620 - 1.010 mm
Max. load: 10 kg
Stroke 390 mm

R 271 Boss head clamp

Specialized clamp with openings for the stands R 2722 and R 2723 as well as extensions with Ø 16 mm.

Clamping range - stand: 34 mm
Clamping range - extension arm: 16 mm
Material: cast aluminium