28 Pack JM 13/64" Rubber Chloroprene Clamp AS21919WDG24

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PN: AS21919WDG24

Condition: New

Quantity: 28


Diameter: 13/64", rubber chloroprene class cushion, AS21919 series clamp

Nondefinitive Specification/std Data:
4 type and a class
Material Thickness:
0.062 inches
Material Specification:
Ams 3209 assn standard single material response cushion
Rubber chloroprene class cr cushion
Loop Inside Diameter:
Between 1.485 inches and 1.515 inches
Distance From Loop Center To Tongue End:
1.467 inches
0.204 inches
Cushioning Environmental Protection:
Weather resistant
Center To Center Distance Between Loop And Mounting Hole:
Between 1.234 inches and 1.264 inches
Overall Width:
Between 0.490 inches and 0.510 inches
Specification Data:
26512-gs14 manufacturers specification
Style Designator:
Offset mount
Tongue Hole Type:
Unthreaded round