Lot of (10) Stereo Optical Optec 1000 DMV Vision Screener Testers

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 Stereo Optical Co

Optec 1000 DMV Vision Screener Tester

Quatity: Lot of 10 units


Condition: Used.  Units have been inspected by our technician, and are in good working condition.  Cosmetically, they are in good condition with minor scuffs, scratches, etc, from previous use .  The interiors and exteriors have been cleaned, and parts have been replaced when necessary (ie: cheek pads, bulbs, and other misc components)  

Each Unit Includes:

  • Main Unit
  • Controller
  • Glass Slide (for testing vision)


Quick Tests – Fast Results

  • Lightweight and portable
  • No moving parts
  • Night vision Test Standard
  • Peripheral test standard
  • Headrest switch activator ensures the subject’s head is properly positioned
  • Remote control panel with push button switches
  • Instant access to individual test targets
  • No training or certification required

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