Lot of (67) HP Agilent Patient Monitoring Modules M1029A M1002A M1006B

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Lot of (67) HP/ Agilent Patient Monitoring Modules

Condition: Used, untested.  We do not have the equipment to test these modules, untested, as-is.  All modules have the same style circular connector.


  • (21)  M1029A Temp Monitoring Modules
  • (12) M1002A OPT:ABA ECG/RESP heart rate modules
  • (11) M1006B IBP Invasive blood pressure modules
  • (10) M1020A OPT:ABA SpO2/PLETH Modules
  • (4) M1235A OPT:ABA Data Transfer Modules
  • (3) M1016A CO2 Modules
  • (3) M1012A OPT:ABA CO Cardiac Output Module
  • (1) M1001A OPT:ABA ECG Module
  • (1) M1002B ECG/ RESP Module
  • (1) M1116B OPT:111,200,ABA Printer Module

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