Meggitt Extreme High Temperature Piezoelectric Accelerometer 6237M70

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Meggitt Extreme High Temperature Piezoelectric Accelerometer

PN: 6237M70-30

Cable length: 30"

Condition: Used, includes mounting screw


  • +1200°F (+650°C) operation
  • Integral hardline cable
  • Single bolt mount
  • Ground Isolated


The Meggitt Model 6237M70 and 6237M71 piezoelectric accelerometers are designed specifically for use in extremely high temperature environments such as aircraft and ground-based gas turbines. These accelerometers are designed for continuous operation at +1200°F (+650°C) with long Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). The small size and light weight of these accelerometers permit installation in cramped locations with minimal structural support. The accelerometer is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

Models 6237M70/M71 incorporate Meggitt’s crystal in a shear design. The 6237M70 and 6237M71 differ in their internal design and in the direction of the sensitive axis. The 6237M70 has its sensitive axis located in line with the mounting screw, while the 6237M71 is oriented perpendicular, or transverse, to the mounting screw. The sensing elements and integral shield are isolated from the case. These accelerometers feature an integral hardline cable with a standard length of 120 inches (3.05 meters). Other cable lengths are also available on special order.