NXP NXH2281 NFMI Radio Software Development Kit

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NXP NXH2281 NFMI Radio Software Development Kit

MN: NXH2281

Condition: New Open Box

Quantity: 1 Kit per purchase

1x Hardware Development Board
1x Antenna Module
2x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1x USB cable

These ultra-low-power, single-chip solutions, optimized for high quality wireless audio and data communication use Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) to provide a robust and tightly-contained body-area network around the user.

The MiGLO NxH22xx portfolio of fully integrated single chip solutions enable wireless audio streaming and data communication using NFMI, a mature technology that has a proven track record in the hearing industry and in truly wireless earbud consumer products.

NFMI is more power-efficient than RF at short distances. The steep degradation of NMFI signal strength as a function of distance increases privacy and reduces issues with interference compared to RF. Reduced interference in turn increases link robustness.

NxH2281 supports both G.722 and SBC audio codec on the wireless link. Available as non-fully populated WLCSP with 130 µm bump diameter for extremely integrated applications such as hearing aids

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