Promega Maxwell MDx 16 Nucleic Acid Purification Instrument AS3000

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Promega Maxwell MDx 16 Nucleic Acid Purification Instrument

PN: AS3000

Condition: Used, instrument is in very good working condition.  Good cosmetic condition, does show some signs of previous use.  Passes all tests for basics functions. PM last performed 1/16/19.


  • AS3000 Instrument
  • Barcode scanner
  • PC w/ Maxwell Sample Track Software
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and connection cables


The Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument(a) provides automated nucleic acid purification methods for multiple analytes. The methods use sample lysis and binding to paramagnetic particles as the primary separation principle. It has two modes for different elution volumes. The Standard Elution Volume (SEV) mode allows elution in a volume of up to 400μl. The Low Elution Volume (LEV) mode allows elution in as little as 25μl. Up to 16 samples can be prepared in a single run.

The automated steps performed by the Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument include:

  • Sample lysis in the presence of a chaotropic agent, detergent and/or alcohol
  • Binding of nucleic acids or proteins to paramagnetic particles
  • Washing of the target molecules bound to the particles away from other cellular components
  • Elution of the product

The instrument contains a touch screen for navigating, programming and running the instrument. It has a UV lamp to aid with decontamination. The Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument, in association with the Maxwell® Sample Track Software, has the ability to record and provide run data. It has a USB port that can be used to attach a bar code reader, allowing sample and reagent information to be entered using bar codes. The Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument can report the data gathered for each run, and the report can be sent to a serial printer or to a computer.


The user selects the protocol to be run, collects the selected bar code information (optional) and places the samples into the reagent cartridges. The cartridges are placed into the machine and the door shut to start the run, which automatically performs the protocol.

The temperature of the samples is regulated by a heating system that is controlled by the protocol.

Maxwell® Sample Track is a communications program that allows downloading and printing of the run data

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