Qualcomm DK-QCC5121-WLCSP81-A-0 QCC5121 WLCSP Development Kit

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Qualcomm DK-QCC5121-WLCSP81-A-0 QCC5121 WLCSP Development Kit

MN: DK-QCC5121-WLCSP81-A-0

Condition: Used, with minimal signs of wear

Quantity: 1 kit per purchase (see Description for contents)


QCC5121 series Transceiver; 802.15.4 (Thread), Bluetooth® 5 Evaluation Board

QCC5100 is a family of breakthrough Bluetooth® audio System-on-Chips (SoCs) based on a lowpower architecture, designed to meet consumer demand for robust, high quality, wireless listening in smaller devices with longer audio playback. QCC5100 series is engineered for low-power performance, and is optimized for demanding use cases so as to support longer battery life in virtually all operating modes.

The flexibility provided by the programmable applications processor and audio DSPs helps manufacturers to differentiate their products with new features. The SoCs are also designed to support cloud-based voice assistants through their respective cloud services. All QCC5100 series SoCs feature integrated ultra-low power Qualcomm® Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), reducing PCB area and supporting ANC in small form factors. Additionally, Qualcomm® QCC514x and Qualcomm® QCC515x include Qualcomm® Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, designed to deliver enhanced ear comfort and performance while compensating for variations in earbud fit.

Our latest Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Mirroring is engineered to deliver robustness and a sophisticated user experience, offering dynamic bud-to-bud role-swapping with Bluetooth address handover and evening out power distribution between both earbuds. The QCC515x is qualified to Bluetooth 5.2 with support for Isochronous channels, helping to support the forthcoming LE Audio standard and the new audio sharing use case in 2021. This SoC is being developed to offer LE Audio interoperability with our 2021 season of Premium Tier Qualcomm(R) Snapdragon™ based Smartphone.

Kit Contents:
1x CF376 CDA Development Board (Rev 2)
1x CG259 QCC5121 81WLCSP Module (installed)
1x Stub Antenna
1x Antenna Adapter
1x Power Supply w/ International Adapters
1x Jumper Cable Set
1x USB 2.0 A to B Cable
1x USB 3 A to C Cable

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