Stereo Optical Optec 1000 DMV Vision Screener Tester

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 Stereo Optical Co

Optec 1000 DMV Vision Screener


Condition: Used.  Units have been inspected by our technician, and are in good working condition.  Cosmetically, they are in very good condition showing only small signs of use.  These have been cleaned, and parts have been replaced when necessary (ie: cheek pads, bulbs, and other misc components)  Contact us for large quantity discounts.


  • Main Unit
  • Controller
  • Glass Slide (for testing vision)


Quick Tests – Fast Results

  • Lightweight and portable
  • No moving parts
  • Night vision Test Standard
  • Peripheral test standard
  • Headrest switch activator ensures the subject’s head is properly positioned
  • Remote control panel with push button switches
  • Instant access to individual test targets
  • No training or certification required

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