Thermo Scientific -86°C ULT Chest Freezer ULT2090-10-D 5823 Recent PM 230V F36

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Thermo Scientific -86°C ULT Chest Freezer CxF

Model: 5823

PN: ULT2090-10-D

Capacity: 20ft3

Power: Single Phase 230V 12A

Exterior dimensions: 96"L x 34"W x 41"H

Interior dimensions: 66"L x 18"W x 28"H

Condition:  Freezer has been under a maintenance contract with Cascade up until recently when it was taken out of service. In very good working condition, and easily achieved and maintained its setpoint of 70°C.  Includes maintenance record book. 

There is a small ding on the lid interior that is roughly 2.5"x 2", does not impact the freezers performance(see pictures for details). 

Accessories included: 

  • Freezer racks
  • Rees Scientific thermometer w/ transmitter
  • Maintenance log book


Item will ship on a pallet, wrapped in heavy duty protective bubble wrap covered in shrink wrap.