Viatran 30 PSIA 7/8in Pressure Transmitter Transducer 122AFAX2275

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Viatran Pressure Transmitter Transducer  Sensor

PN: 122AFAX2275

Condition: Used, units have been. inspected and are in working condition. MFG 2020.


  • Pressure Range: 0-30 PSIA
  • Proof Pressure: 90 PSIA
  • Input: 10-15VDC
  • Output: 0-100MVDC
  • C/O: US Connections
  • 7/8" diameter

Typical Applications • Aerospace • Military • Engine testing • Brake testing • Tank level


  • Viatran Model 122 pressure transducer is designed for applications where space is limited. With a maximum diameter of 7/8", the 122 pressure transducer is designed to fit in the smallest of places with easy installation. 1/8" NPT(M) and (F)options are shown.