Vintage NeXTcube N1000 Next Cube 68040

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 Vintage NeXTcube

PN: N1000, 68040

Condition: Used, in working condition.  Board was recently recapped, and is functioning properly.  Listing does not include the mouse, keyboard, monitor, or SCSI drive.  Original paint, cosmetically the cube shows signs from previous use.  Please review the images for exact cosmetic condition.

Description: This NeXTcube lived its life at a prominent university helping budding scientists and researchers further their knowledge of the universe.  We acquired this machine directly from the University of Washington, where it was previously used in their Physics department, shown both by the UW asset tag on the back, and the etching next to it.  

We have typed out the exact specs below, but please let us know if you have any questions.

This is your chance to own a highly collectible 68040 NeXTcube, and they are getting more scarce every year. 


  • 68040 non-turbo CPU
  • Non-turbo board
  • 28MB RAM (1 and 2mb mix- 100ns, fully populated)
  • ROM v3.3
  • Magneto-Optical drive (included, but nonfunctional)
  • Model 983 PSU (no load board required)
  • Factory/OEM SCSI & Floppy cables included
  • Dual drive chassis & dual M/O plate
  • Factory/OEM fan
  • SN: AAK0017250