Airoha AB1520 FCD Bluetooth Development Board

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Airoha AB1520 FCD Bluetooth Development Board

MN: C237 AB1520 FCD Board

Condition: Used, in good condition

Quantity: 1 Board per purchase

Description: AB1520 is an advanced single-chip solution which integrates baseband and radio for intensive audio applications. It is Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode certified and supports wide band speech which is defined at HFP1.6, AAC decoder, and 1-Mic for standard noise reduction and echo cancellation performance. AB1520 embeds serial flash which is more flexible for customer SW upgrading and 3rd party SW porting is supported. With optimized MCU structure, interface arrangement and better DSP algorithm, AB1520 provides higher performance and crystal voice and music quality in most of the Bluetooth audio application such as Headset, Headphone, Speaker and Sound bar systems.

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